Indikator Timbangan C602

Indikator Timbangan C602



  • Selectable of four programme mode: self-control or external-control catchweigher, plus or minus automatic gravimetric filling instruments. the catchweigher can be set tobe general catchweigher and peak-value maintenance scale. it can store 5 batching material used as fix-quantity scale or catchweigher
  • Set digital filter intensity, A/D conversion speed
  • Weighing data save, check and delete, protection in case of power off
  • Real time clock without effect on power off
  • Standard: 8 input, 2 of them can be high speed counting input, coder input or interrupt (high speed reflection) input. 8 output (relay box)be able to fix-quantity control of two material for standard programe (four material for modified programme)
  • Input & output can be expanded, each I/O expanding box can be expanded to 8 on/off input and 8 on/off output. The max. connection number of I/O expanding box is four. Total quantity of I/O is 40 input and 40 output
  • 2 separate serial communication interface, one is RS232, another is RS232/RS422/RS485 for selection, with two communication ways by continuous sending or command method
  • Parallel/serial print interface, able to connect many kinds of printer
  • Weighing data, accumulating, batching material or calibration can be printed
  • Optical isolation 20mA current loop score board display interface
  • Optical isolation 4 – 20mA/ 0-5V/ 0-10V analog ouput selectable


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